Posted by: Sorcha | September 7, 2012

Loneliness turns you insane

Is there anyone out there…?


Posted by: Sorcha | December 29, 2010

Hello All.. Goodbye!

Hey all, I’ve decided to create my own blog which is now..


It came to my attention that I was the single person on this blog, so decided to start up my own.
From now on please leave comments over there ^^
Love and hugs, Sorcha..

PS: I wont check this blog anymore, however if claire reads this, please leave the blog open, as I am in use of some picture links still, and am working to fix that asap!

Posted by: Claire | December 17, 2010

To all my readers!

… If any remain!

I am very sorry that I have not played in such a long time! I will come back I promise probably sometime before xmas!

Just keep looking for my gates at 6pm each night!

I’ll have to sort out my town and stuff but I’ve been thinking, – do you guys think it would be a good idea to just not have any paths? I think it could make my town prettier!

I’m currently debating keeping fruit in my town also, obviously changing all the trees to plain will take a long long time but I’ll get there!

If I dont speak to you before please all have a lovely christmas!
Sorcha xox

Posted by: Claire | December 8, 2010

Welcome back, guys!

Hello all!

Sorry about the absence of playing, things have been hell!

For all you decent music lovers out there… I went to see 30 SECONDS TO MARS!!
Fucking amazing! Jared Leto had blue hair!!
Omg, it was the best night of my life!

France will be open tonight I’ve gotta put down some paths and deweed and all that jazz but I’ll be open 6pm ish!

I’ve decided to Stop playing at 9pm Therefore, I will open from 6-9:30, I will have to close for some food in between though, so (?) bear (?) with me guys!

Sorcha xox

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